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Thanks again for your commitment to me and my health. I have NEVER had a doctor that individualizes care as much as you do or one that really listens as patiently as you do. And believe me, at 59, with all the health issues I have, I’ve seen a lot of doctors! I realize that for me, getting healthy is going to be a process. But I am now moving in the right direction thanks to your care and expertise.
When I first started seeing Dr. Cole I was pre-diabetic, overweight, having neck pain and inflammation in my head, and experiencing food sensitivities. He used a variety of diagnostic tests to determine that I was suffering from intestinal permeability, Hashimioto’s thyroiditis, as well as other hormonal and autoimmune issues. I have lost 110 pounds while in his care and have learned so much about my body and how to take better care of myself. Dr. Cole listens to his patients concerns and offers supportive advice. He has been able to provide me with answers regarding my health when my conventional medical doctors were not able to offer me any solutions. I am grateful for Dr. Cole’s help and knowledge of Functional Medicine.
“My A1C was 10.5, and my fasting glucose numbers were over 240. After completing the program with Dr. Cole, my A1C is 6.1 and my fasting glucose numbers are under 100… all achieved naturally without any medication! I wish I had known about this program years ago. I now have an indescribable peace of mind knowing that my health has improved greatly. I am thrilled with the results for the diabetes, and a weight loss that seemed impossible to achieve in the past.”
“I began going to Dr. Cole at the end of December 2013 because I was concerned about the effect Diabetes and High Blood Pressure were having on my health. Since beginning Dr. Cole’s program, my A1C has gone from 9.0 on medication to 5.9 without medication, I have lost weight and I have been able to stop taking prescription drugs for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.  I have gained complete peace of mind that if I continue with what I have learned through this program that I will have a lot more years to enjoy all life has to offer.”
Marybeth, Greater Pittsburgh Area
“I started Dr. Cole’s protocol on December 27, 2013 and 5 months later I can’t believe my results: My starting weight was 302 and am happy to say I currently weight 210 – that is a 92 lb loss! My A1C is down to 5.3! My Triglycerides were 272 – they are now 102! I am also off my blood pressure meds and no longer need my CPAP machine to sleep at night! My energy has increased! Thank you Dr. Cole!”
Jeff, Greater Pittsburgh Area
“I came to Dr. Cole seeking help with my wrecked immune system, the symptoms of my rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease as well as digestive issues.  Through the extensive testing we also discovered the presence of other underlying issues.  Dr. Cole prescribed dietary changes and natural medicines that have resulted in a loss of 75 lbs, my fasting blood sugar normalizing, having my blood pressure medication cut in half, reduction in the amount of thyroid hormone I require, relief of many digestive symptoms, strengthening of my immune system, balancing of my hormones and easing of my arthritis symptoms! Dr. Cole also provides great support, resources, and suggestions to make taking these positive changes in my health possible.”
“I didn’t like the medicine and did NOT want to take it. I tried to battle it. I walked everyday. Twelve miles one day, and it was like fighting a monster. I became anemic, and weak. They put me back on medication. I asked all of my family to pray for a miracle. I came here, and this is my miracle. I began the program and it changed my life! Everyone needs to know about this! I dropped two sizes in two blossoming weeks! I can now walk three miles without being worn down. I was almost off all my medication. IT’S A MIRACLE! I was just as skeptical as you are right now. I had no hope. They gave me hope.”
K.B., Greater Pittsburgh Area
I’ve never been more excited than when I got the opportunity to work with Dr. Cole. I started getting sick about 12 years ago with chronic digestive issues, muscle pain, brain fog, and intense fatigue. However, digestive issues and food sensitivities have always been at the root of everything. I tried countless doctors, naturopaths, diets, cleanse, etc. I felt hopeless, but within less than a month of starting Dr. Cole’s program and altering my diet to his recommendations, my digestion improved rapidly! I now have very little bloating and pain/discomfort in my stomach. My brain fog and fatigue are also starting to lift! Though I have a ways to go in my journey I know I’m finally on the right track and trust in the process of Dr. Cole’s program




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